Letter from the President

FOSCIK (Friends of Shelter Children in Kenya) is a not-for-profit organization that reaches out to persons as yourself, companies and other organizations that will assist in providing food, shelter, lodging, medical and education through financial support.

FOSCIK has been instrumental in providing assistance in gaining water, medical supplies, food and the opportunity for children to receive a good education. Sheltered children have many problems that are not as visible as a child suffering from starvation, but their problems are just as serious. Many are orphaned. They suffer from mental and medical problems, such as HIV/Aids, diabetes, various blood disorders, and skin diseases like ringworms and others. Many suffer from improper hygiene due of lack of clean water and/or proper sanitary training.

There have been many challenges during our efforts to assist in providing support to the children. Flooding, elections, terrorist attacks, bombings, thefts, etc. FOSCIK has continued its mission to assist with the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of the children and adults at home and abroad.

No one in the FOSCIK organization receives a salary. Your donations will be utilized to assist the children and the poor with their needs and supplies.

We are in much need of your assistance to continue the support FOSCIK provides. Don’t miss this opportunity to affect a change in a child’s mind, body and spirit. We look forward to receiving your support. Sponsors and volunteers are welcome to travel with FOSCIK on their yearly trip to provide their personal skills to the children.

Giving Life A New Hope,

FOSCIK President