"Friends of Sheltered Children in Kenya" (FOSCIK) are a group of men and women commissioned to provide for the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual need of orphaned, destitute, and abandoned children living in children shelter homes in Kenya, AFRICA.

FOSCIK is a not-for-profit organization that reaches out to persons as yourself, companies and other organizations that will assist in providing food, shelter, lodging, medical and education through financial support. Our focus is to provide improving health conditions and education.

FOSCIK poster FOSCIK has been instrumental in providing assistance in gaining running water, medical supplies and the opportunity for children to receive a good education. These sheltered children have many problems that are not as visible as a child suffering from starvation. But their problems are just as serious. Many are orphaned. They suffer from medical problems such as AIDS, diabetes, various blood disorders, and skin diseases like ringworms and others. Many suffer from improper hygiene due of lack of water and/or proper training. Minor first aid injuries turn into infections because of the lack of first aid supplies or the knowledge to use them. Most of all I discovered that these children are very delicate because of the abuse or neglect they have suffered - raped, beaten, cast out of their homes as very young children, using drugs or prostituting themselves to survive. Many of these children are infected mentally. The lucky ones are rescued and brought to a shelter home where they may receive some clothing to wear and some kind of a daily meal.

When you see their pictures you think these children are fine. The hidden sorrows lies beneath the surface. Ask yourself: From which picture would you be more likely to sponsor a child - The one with flies on his face, runny nose, protruding stomach or the one with a shirt and shoes on and maybe a smile on his or her face?

We are in much need of your assistance to continue this assistance FOSCIK provides. Don't miss this opportunity to effect a change in a child's Mind, Body and Spirit. We look forward to receiving your support. Giving Life A New Hope. Thank You.

Deacon Willie McLaughlin
FOSCIK President

We also seek out to find donors who will help in providing financial assistance to shelter children for:
Children at Simba Village